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about the platform

Who is this platform for?

This platform is available to all SchweryCade event partners, providing them with the opportunity to both improve their current sustainability performance and improve upon it each year. The following event categories are covered:

  • Snow sports
  • Events with animals
  • Festivals
  • Recreational sport
  • Indoor sports
  • Conference / Seminars
  • Warehouse
  • Running events
  • Market
  • Exhibitions
  • Motorsports
  • Cycling
  • Lawn sports
  • Snow sports
  • Stadium event
  • City festival
  • Traditional sport
  • Water sports
  • Further

What can the platform do?

The platform is simple and does not require any specialized knowledge. After the data has been entered, the platform generates a detailed and comprehensive evaluation for the organizer. 

Through the platform, you can:

  • measure the sustainability of the event according to widely recognized indicators;
  • compare the registered event with previous and other events; and
  • gather new ideas on how the sustainability of the event can be strengthened.

Why is using the platform worthwhile for you?

There are a variety of reasons for dealing with sustainability in a professional manner:

  1. The platform provides a good basis for a sustainability report.
  2. Measures taken help to reduce costs (i.e., decreased waste).
  3. Risks and new development opportunities can be identified.
  4. Employee motivation increases with their commitment to sustainability.
  5. The goodwill of the authorities and participants increases.
  6. Acceptance and support for the event increases among residents and those affected.
  7. Sponsors have more confidence in the event.
  8. The image of the organizers improves.

Core issues


Is a professional waste management system used? How much waste is produced? What measures are in place to reduce, recycle and reuse the waste?


How sustainable are your procurement methods? Are products sourced from within the region or from farther away? Have human rights been respected in your procurement practices? Do the textiles and paper you use meet the criteria of sustainable and decent procurement?


Does the organization have a clear strategy for healthy and sustainable food and offer a diverse range of seasonal, vegetarian and vitamin-rich products? Are the most afforable drinks non-alcoholic?


Is there a convincing mobility strategy that promotes environmentally friendly means of transport? Does the organization cooperate with public transport institutions? How many emissions does the arrival and departure produce?

Safety & Security

Is there a comprehensive security concept that strategically analyzes potential sources of danger and covers the most important components of a security concept?


How careful are you with water consumption? Must water always be drinking quality, or is non-potable water acceptable? Specifically, can processed water be used? Where can water consumption be optimized?


With a sophisticated energy concept based on the use of renewable energy sources and innovative, energy-efficient technologies, you not only reduce energy consumption and costs, but also your CO2 emissions.